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Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleaning &" back"

If you know me at all, you know I actually like to clean & organize. A good day for me is one in where I get lots of things done. Is my house always neat, clean & tidy?? Of course not!! We live in our home! So, it's much like your's, there is a never-ending succession of productive messes, with a never-ending succession of clean up's that follow. Eventually. Not always on the same day.
Friday, was one of those happy, productive days. You know, where there is an actual sun shining on the Southern Tier of NY. These days are rare & coveted for us NY-er's, especially in January!! I become Super-Homemaker, giddy with the effects of a possible Vitamin D booster. No running shoes necessary-I'm off with that first golden glint. ( Because I AM a NY-er-this may not last-so you had better hurry!)
Yes! Let us zip the ancient Electrolux over the floors! Get out my heady aroma can of Pledge! Fill the bucket with hot (low) sudsy water to swab the floors! Clean the bathroom, get those shower doors! Man, I am on a roll, maid Hazel's got nothin' on me,baby,remember-I am SUPER-HOMEMAKER!!!
Till the carpets. Oh woe is the carpet. The carpet needs shampooing. A really good cleaning. I've had it in the back of my mind to get to it for sometime... The sun is still shining. Yes! Today is the day! I am Hoover -happy or is it the effect of all the cleaning products used? Hmm, something I maybe should have considered? But me & the Hoove are a buzzing along. I clean it really,really good. And then, because I am a victim of soap residue phobia, I go over it really,really good with just rinse water, with a touch of white vinegar. I have read that the vinegar is a powerful antidote for the dreaded soap scum. I finish with the Hoove, rinsing & cleaning all parts to my satisfaction & then allow myself a break.
My back is tight,very tight, But my house is Super-Homemaker Clean!! Oh, yes! And I will get to enjoy those glory moments with my cup of tea, on my well-deserved break... & think about making choclate chip cookies afterwards, at least,that's the plan. My back now has other plans. Plans of immobilizing me in a vise grip of pure unadulterated pain. Pain that says" Move! Bend! Breathe! I dare you!" I'm breathing alright, but I think it's sounding more like the last gasp.
AND that misleading globe of golden energy is STILL SHINING!!!!! I am not shining anymore!
Sooo, I have been lying, painfully, on the couch. I have taken ibuprofen. I have taken a muscle relaxer. (Note to self- Notice the time you take them, that is to avoid the Alice-in- Wonderland sensation, when who cares if I can move or if the house is clean?!!) I have applied enough linament to be mistaken for a Kentucky Derby racing stable. I have made my necessary hobblings with a cane.
My sweet love has shopped for groceries. Made my meals. Served them to me. Took my books to the library & brought me 3 new ones to read. The right kind-where you can manage to hold them lying down!! He has given me equal shares of cookies---I always want him to have just one more than me! but this calls for special measures-!
I'm getting better. No cane! And the cookies are gone. It is now raining & I'm sitting... & you know what? I'm still glad I got all that housework done even if it caused my back trouble....cause it would be awful to feel this bad, to have it raining and the house dirty.

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