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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Whew!! I feel like I'm living in the fast lane lately.I need to catch my breath,slow down.You ever feel that way?? You short change yourself by not making a space of quiet in your day....So...sit out on the porch while you still a good book...... & recharge your spirit.
Dan says "catching your breath was something you did after, you need to catch it just going upstairs" !!!! Which reminds me of....have you taken your keyless entry for your car & pointed & clicked it at your house door?? How about stepping out of the shower,drying off & realizing you never soaped up??! Spritzing your hair with eyeglass cleaner??!! C'mon. Fess up.I can't be the only one!!!

1 comment:

Emilyyy said...

haha. i laughed. i didnt see you today "hw" AND i miss you! :)
love you, Jill!
-guess who?!