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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Life is pretty much all about babies-the one who's here & the twins to come!!! Well,Grandma Jill, I'm afraid to say, isn't a very good Mother's helper....."How do you get those little tiny legs & arms into the sleepers,Summer??" And, " Mom, I don't think Ariana's getting anything from the bottle" Me- "Oh,yeah,I think she is, Sum" Sum- "Mom, I don't think she's sucking" Me-' No, Sum,I think she is,I think she's sucking" Pull bottle out again-still at same mark..."Here,Sum,why,don't you try? "Baby actually drinks!!
Me-" Summer,do you want me to get up with the baby during the night so you can sleep???......Me,waking up at 7 AM..."Sum-did the baby wake up last night??"
But I'm REALLY GOOD at cooking& cleaning & dishes & laundry.I'm really good at cooing,adoring, holding & getting things for Mom & baby-I hope I get to stay..... Ariana thinks I'm an astonishing baby rock-er,I'm pretty sure I get her vote to stay!!!!!


Just Me said...

you are way too funny!

Anonymous said...

you are too funny mom! I'm so glad Ariana is your guinnea pig!!!