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Thursday, August 14, 2008

She is absolutely adorable,isn't she?!! It's not just me being her Grandma,I know I couldn't possibly be prejudiced,could I? I mean,just look at those eyes!!That sweet little nose,the cute hand....CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

It hardly seems possible but I actually do things besides baby-stuff-it's just limited.Yesterday,we had a BIG Day.Ariana had her Dr.'s appt. at 8:30 & surprise,surprise she was perfect in her weight gain! (hm,How can I get a Dr. who'd tell me to GAIN weight?!!!!) Summer switched over to nursing Ariana & baby was supposed to gain an ounce a day from 7lbs. she went to exactly 7lbs 7 oz.They made an error at the hosp.on her length,she was only 19 1/2 inches at her first Dr.'s appt. , now, she is a full 1/4 inch bigger!!! She is already opening her hands & can turn on her side (Yes,That is advanced development!)
Summer,Ariana & I got to stop at Dunkin' Donuts for coffee drinks-I think Ariana already likes "girl time"!!!
She also went shopping & out for lunch & had her first carriage ride to the neighbors! A big day for a little baby!
Which leads us to Erin ( Apologies,apologies, Erin I can't believe you haven't been on here way before this!! Remind me to snap pic's!!!!) Erin is Emily's older sister,Sum's neighbor/friend/charter member of Ariana's Fan Club!!! Erin was an original participant in "The Labor Party"! (She had a wedding to travel to on Ariana's birthday & wasn't able to be at the big event.)She is studying for early childhood education & works at a deli as well as visiting Sum & Ariana as often as time allows.Yesterday, I was her partner,for awhile, in some corny activities.Erin-you make work fun, you are sweet & funny & thoughtful & we love you!!!!
While my parents were up visiting,Erin visited with me & my Dad while Summer & Great Grandma had a little nap! Dad loves to try new things,he has a zest for life in him & we ALL love the stories of our family-so glad you visited, Dad! He shucked the corn for our dinner & that's always a job that deserves applause!! Thanks,Dad!
Mom,I see the young Mother you were when you look at the baby like that! How precious! I loved hearing some new memories of their childhood !! Love you, Mom & Dad!!!


Emilyyy said...

well, i think... we must all be incredibly prejudice.. :) or actually, just honest! :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The baby is so darling. what a lovely family you have.

Just Me said...

beautiful baby girl!!! Thanks for putting me on your blog now I can be FAMOUS too!! *GRINS*