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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ariana & Grandpa-I think her "nap hair" looks naturally better don't you?!!!

I just finished the top for this Christmas Wall hanging/table topper-isn't it so colorful & cheery? This was one of the things I purchased on my quilt shop hop. The other blocks belong to another project I've been working on for years,from a Thimbleberries Club I was in. I, obviously, didn't finish it the year I was in the, to make myself feel better, I tell myself it is a 5 year quilt project...Now, I'm thinking of up-ing it to 10 years!! I like to work on it,just not all the time!! I have sewing projects the same way some people read alot of books all at the same time. Right now, I have at least 5-6 things I'm working on simultaneously!! I'll post, soon, about some finished things & some works-in-progress!!

Isn't this precious? Erin was over & showing me some things my camera can do....this doesn't make me take better pictures...... nor remember some of the things my camera can do...but it's nice to know that were I talented I could do utterly fabulous things!!!!

It was Summer's 27th birthday on Saturday & guess who's pictures I've got? That's right, a few here & there of the life I pretend to still have since baby's arrival,but mostly of this little package of adorable!!!

On Sunday,for Sum's birthday,we
made a trip up to my in law's. This is Bette my m-i-l,Kelly,my niece,Gwen,my s-i-l & Alison,my s-i-l. I love girl-time!!! Especially when it includes chocolate cake,moist,yummy chocolate cake with white frosting!!! Mmh,thanks Bette,not just for the cake,but for always being the sweet hostess you naturally are,we all love to come to "Grandma's house"!!!

(Poor Ariana,I've got her standing on her head & have no idea how to turn her around!)

A better picture of Gwen & Kelly. Kelly was recently married & will soon be heading back to school-she's a teacher,working on her Master's!
Great Grandpa Ray holding Ariana-Precious!!!


Anonymous said...

Is that Summer leaning over Ariana in the one picture? I think she has some gray hairs! =)

I wish I could have been there with all of you.

I love the picture of Grandpa Ray with Ariana.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh those pictures are darling. You have a beautiful family. You are blessed. I love that Christmas table topper!!

Just Me said...

great pictures...this was a long post!!