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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


And After.Yesterday was spent at Brenda's.She lives in a log home her husband built & we are, surprise,surprise organizing & updating it. I'm having a blast!! Hee,hee, you know how when you tackle a project you go through "it gets worse before it gets better"??!! Well, they let me leave at any point in the process-like when Dan & Summer call me home for dinner!! Really,Brenda, my mind can just spin with all the possibilities!! One little thing we did that had big impact was to change what's on the soffits.

Mom & Dad went back home yesterday,another great visit! Wish we all lived closer!

Another bag I finished-this one for my neice Mandy.
Beautiful Mom & baby-Ariana is wearing her very trendy brown & pink body suit ( a.k.a. "onesie's"in Babyland !) & her coordinating pink "yoga pants". Okay,they ARE just little knit baby pants, but she DOES stretch & pose alot while wearing them!!
She's got big, beautiful eyes,like her Mama's & an even bigger "soothie" !! Dr.'s appt for today-we'll find out how much she's grown!!

This is my latest Thimbleberries block I finished-I love it! Next,is September's block,which is the schoolhouse.

What's in the box???? Any guesses? It's a box of Sewer's Sanity!! Remember the 5-1o yr. quilt I'm working on, the nearly eternal Thimbleberries quilt?? Well,when you take that long to get something done,if you don't plan how to organize it,you can just about plan to lose your place,your pieces or your peace of mind... Thus sanity in a box!!! Everything in one place makes it easy. So, One box=One project= One sane woman

How to do it: First you need a box.I know mine is really,really cute but it would work with plain or ugly boxes as well or those see -through plastic zippered bags that sheets & towels come in (that I still use, also). My box has a window,so theroretically,I can glance inside & know just what's there.Labels would do the same job.See-through bags,welll....they ARE called "See-Through"because you uh,um,SEE through them-get it?!

What to put in your sanity box:

Everything pertaining to your project

1.) The directions/pattern are of critical importance!!

2.)As well as all the fabric,notions,special threads,templates,etc.
3.) My finished blocks are stored in the box also & because I just showed my Mom what I had done,they are also stacked in order!!!(Yes,she did that,& yes,we all know she is a A Royal Member of the Women of Order!!!)
4.) This might not show it but I also "bag & tag" my cut pieces of a project-Saves time & headaches when you go to pick it up later.

5.) Label,label, label!!!!-You don't want to have to go through your fabric going "Was THIS supposed to be the blue/beige print #2 ?? Where's the fabric I was going to use for binding?"

You'll STILL enjoy working on a long term project because it's all there,ready,waiting & organized for you... & all due to a little box of sanity !!!!


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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What fun you are having. Good ideas and lovely photos.