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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can't take my eyes off of you!!!

My,My Baby-dom reigns.Baby is the first thought of my day.Can't wait to see that little face,tiny hands,rosebud lips...babies are sooo special!!! During this baby blur,my husband had quite the week .... AARP sent him an application....he just had to upgrade his bifocals....everyone at church greeted him as "Grandpa"... & he turned 50 !!!!! (Hee,Hee, just wanted to make sure you could see that, Grandpa!!) ( I owe you a Starlight cake with chocolate frosting, with those crunchy sugar decorations-it'll be the next thing I bake as soon as I get those sugar things babe-Promise!!!)

Great Grandma & Grandpa were able to stop in for a visit!!! Notice where their eyes are focusing!

It's very tiring being this adorable all the time!

Ariana. My mom,Summer's Grandma & Ariana's Great Grandma-Precious!!! My neice, Mandy.
Friend, Jane.

Friend/Neighbor Brenda.

Friend/Neighbor/Baby sitter Extraordinaire/Nurse to be Emily. Emily-You're famous now!!! People are recognizing you!!!!!


Just Me said...

hey...I think you need to put me on your blog... I'm feeling a little left out! *GRINS* thanks for helping with the corn today! ~Erin

Emilyyy said...

Oh I feel famous. :)