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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's up at my house

Yesterday was our summer.I guess. We had no rain yesterday.Today it's different. It was cloudy in the morning. It rained all afternoon. Downpour this evening. It was a good summer. I guess. That one whole day........

  • What's up at my house?!! Something wonderful-can you guess?Look at pic's above.
  • No hole in ceilings.
  • No beam showing in front room
  • No yucky stairwell & hallway ceiling
  • No gritty cement block chimney
  • There is also new roofing on the kitchen & the back part of the house.
  • House is snug in it's new ceiling patches. House is dry in the rain. House is looking smart in it's new roof. House is happy.So am I. Hope it's dry where you're at. Hope your house is happy.Hope you are happy,too!

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