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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SUMMER-It's really here!

What says"summer" more readily than a day at the pool?!! We haven't had too many days that we could spend a day outside, much less at a pool. It's been a cool & rainy season for us this year.Till yesterday. It did not rain ALL day!!! That calls for a big yee ha, woo hoo, & yahoo!!! The long awaited summer finally showed it's sunny face!
We got to spend the afternoon with our friends who have a built-in pool!!! (You can bet I slathered the ol' sun lotion on!!) How's that sound?!! A day enjoying sunshine & friends poolside with an iced tea slushie!! ( Sorry, Sum, you didn't know, you missed it while napping!!)
Okay. I know. I need to eat humble pie. All that teasing of our ND family... they wouldn't be able to wear shorts.Their summer lasts only a week.The boys would need to sleep in snowsuits.Well, the joke was on me-they have had a hot summer with alot more good days & a whole less lot of rain!! I'm kinda afraid to tease her about a ND winter!!!!!!!

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