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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thanksgiving in JULY???

I just read & thought about a wonderful verse today I've just got to share with you all!! Nobody should keep good things all to themselves,right?!! I definitely heard a cyber "yes" as you perch excited on the edge of your chair!!! Ahh,I am blessed with such delightful attentiveness!!!
Remember, there's a generational complicated relationship thing with food in our family."Food, glorious food" is oft-featured in my let me tell you about our Thanksgiving's. In the olden days they would place all their dishes of food on a "groaning board", so named for the wood emitting a groaning sound with the weight of the food. We may not have had a groaning board to place our food on,but after satisfying our appetites with every favorite dish-trust me,something was groaning!!
Our family,on both sides, has experienced a unique phenomenom in that we don't have a single bad cook.Really. There isn't a one of us that can't whip out some tasty dishes. Blessed,aren't we? My waistline testifies to this after every family get together! Thanksgiving is just one of the times where we come away without room for another single bite. Moist turkey,flavorful gravy on mashed potatoes & dressing,the traditional green bean casserole, rolls slathered in butter,the sweet tart taste of cranberry salad -these just scratch the surface of some of the dishes that appear. Compliments to the cooks & mmh mmh's rise from the table as deliciously as the wafting fragrance of the apple pies baking.
When we waddle-oops, I mean rise from the table, it's more like a communal stuffing has occured. You could say, we stuffed the turkey & now the turkey has stuffed us! Amongst the lot of us there isn't room to cram even one very,tiny, small cranberry.We are stuffed.Full. To the brim of our sneaky turkey pickin' gullets.(WE KNOW ABOUT YOU BEFORE MEAL TURKEY SNITCHERS!!) ( ALSO YOU PIECRUST PICKERS!!)There is neither the room nor the desire for "more" of anything. Now that is what I would call satisfied, wouldn't you?!!
I know,I know,you're thinking where, oh where, is this Bible verse coming in?? Well,get ready. It is going to be better than the memory of last Thanksgiving's succulent drop of gravy dribbling down our collective chin.
Here it is: Psalm 63:5. "My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow & fatness, and my lips shall praise you."
Did you catch it?! Read it again, s-l-o-w-l-y. Okay,let me help you, you know I'm wigglin' like a puppy with a new slipper, wanting to share this with you!!! My heart just rose up in me with joy at the thought that Jesus is our Thanksgiving dinner!!! Spending time with Him is like eating some of our most carefully prepared best dishes. His Word & Presence fill in every little corner & after being with Him,we neither want nor desire anything more. I get excited over thoughts like that !! I want to pause now & give Him my words of praise just like those who compliment the cook for the dishes she shares...... He provides an abundant table for anyone who wants to sit with Him's hoping you get a little "Thanksgiving dinner" to savor today & may the sweet blessing of Himself fill your every corner!!

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