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Friday, July 17, 2009

Make- it Day!

My sister Debbie & neice Mandy,who will be married in August!!! We had a get-together at Deb's house to make favors & centerpieces. And, of course, she made all kinds of yummy food! & one of my especial all-time favorites-Sausage Roll.(If Trav reads this,he'll be oh so jealous!!)I've always thought that Deb does make it the best. I wonder if part of this is because she makes it more than the rest of us. Dan hasn' t really cared for it, so with the kids gone, I just don't really make it. Man, did it taste good!!
The Princess joined the party with her Mommy. Aunt Debbie had alot of fun surprises for the little one. Some really cute clogs & stacks of books.Lil' Miss A LOVES her books. In fact, that seems to be the only time, other than her bottle time, when she sits still on my lap!!!
It was humid up to the lake, it would rain, then get really sunny & hot. Lil' Miss A doesn't think she likes to get sticky-it messes with her hair something awful!!

Deb & Mandy at their work stations!! Me, with sisters Yvonne & Debbie.

Some of Mandy's friends. Fun-loving, soon-to-be -bride!

The sweet victory of success!! What a great day!!!

1 comment:

M and A said...

mmm, sausage roll! remember the summer at bouckville when it was wet, and she squeezed it out and ate it anyways?!

The princess looks like such a big girl!