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Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Yummy Treats"

Fabric I love.It makes me smile.Jump up & down. Do a few dance steps. Hey! It feels good!! Try It! See something you love & give a little jump, make a happy noise-life is worth mini celebrations!!! This was one of my give a whirl moments!

Last year I got a line of fabric called "Swell" by the
same designers of this year's new line called "Sweet''. I love it!!!!
.. I love fabric!! I love the colors,love the patterns. Love the fact that a stack of fabric is a possibility, an intriguing mystery of what it might become!! Summer got me the fabrics above for Mother's Day. I have a layer cake & charm pack. So with both ,I should be able to pick & choose something new to make for our bedroom! We need an update!!
Well,that is certainly a swell present...... & a sweet one too-thanks Summy!
The smell of fresh lemon-hmm! Refreshing,Bright. I love it!! And I used it in fresh lemon cupcakes for the weekend-hope they're yummy!!!!!h Sum & lil'A were here for a visit.lil'A was busy. I hope she is sleeping like a little lamb now!! We had a party with friends we went to earlier in the evening. Got home & I was able to finish what I needed to do......& then, got to do some sewing.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love that fabric! One of my very very favorite scents is lemon. I wish they made a purfume with a really good lemon smell. But I've not found one.