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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Change of Plans

Well, our day completely changed from what I thought was going to happen. The plan was,get up early,get Summer & Ariana & head north for a Father's Day get together for Dan's Dad. I had made mini lemon cupcakes & had the card ready to go....a call,early, from my sister-in-law changed our plans. Dan's nephew had got hurt & they had spent the night in the hospital. I believe it's a punctured lung so I think he'll be in the hospital a bit. (He's doing good as far as we know, it'll probably take some time to heal.) We can always expect the unexpected,huh?!
So, what did our day entail? We all went to church. The message was about being a Christ follower when confronted by a situation where you want to take revenge. To turn the other cheek. To trust & wait for God to bring about what needs to happen. The Christian walk is so simple isn't it? But not easy, not easy to control our thoughts,not always easy to trust & wait. I know I struggle with it.Not so much wanting revenge on any one but releasing worry & replacing it with trust. Not liking the duration of painful things & wanting them gone on my schedule. It is a lifelong process that tests what I really believe at times. My head knows even when my heart is slow to follow, the Lord's plans are unfathomably good. Unfailingly good. I can let myself sink into the arms of God & find rest even in the midst of difficulty...... and so can you.Whatever you're going through......turn....& find Him there. He is able. Our strength is finite, His is limitless.
The rest of the day was pretty much a day off. I wasn't feeling well so I probably needed a day of rest. I know I'm feeling a whole lot better now! Hope all had a "Happy Father's Day" even if your day held the unexpected!

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