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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garage Sales- Here We Come!!!!

See baby sleep.Sweet baby. She is having a break from garage sale-ing.

See Summer. See Summer smile. See clothes. See Summer smiling about clothes.Why does Summer smile about clothes? Summer smiles because she saves alot of money when she shops garage sales!!! And so does Grammy!!Wouldn't you like your own personal chariot to shop the town wide garage sales?
Babies DO NOT travel light!! Besides all the bags & bags we picked up at garage sales,we still had to get the baby stuff in!!!!
I sorted through the things I bought for the twins. 52 pieces!!!!( I missed one outfit when I first counted,Mom!) I spent around $50.00. I was thrilled. I still am thrilled!! I'll be boxing this up to ship to ND soon. Dad is kinda famous for his why am I showing you dinner??? Because I ate my breakfast & forgot to take a pic...for 3 or 4 days in a row!! But doesn't this look so inviting? So yummy?It was!! As were those pic-less breakfasts!
While visiting, Summer,Mom & I changed the living room around under cloak of darkness!! Everyone's home can use an update & this was one I loved!
The green floral on the right is the pattern on the couch. Mom purchased a one piece couch cover.It was easy-easy to get on the couch & a dramatic difference in the whole feel of the room!We had a wonderful visit from start to finish! Thanks,Mom & Dad!! Thanks,Lis' !!!

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