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Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's a rainy day outside my window....

I don't think you can see it,but it's mostly been a gray - I really prefer the Eng. sp. of grey, doesn't that just look better?!- Well, hey, it's my blog so "grey" it is-Let's start again-
I don't think you can tell,but it's been a mostly grey & rainy day here. I'm ready for some summer-y weather,aren't you?! Since it's still cool, it was a good day to bake. Hubby isn't feeling too well with a bad cold. He had a request for meatball/sausage subs, so I made the rolls. It's just a basic Italian bread recipe shaped into long-ish rolls. It makes the house smell sooo good!
This is a charm pack of fabric I'm playing around with. It will probably be some kind of table runner. I love bright happy colors!
If you look close,you'll see I did some rows of machine quilting & got the machine sewing part of the binding done. Tomorrow, I should be going to my friends house & doing some of my hand sewing.

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