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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That is one BIG box on it's way to sweet boys G & Z!!! Keep an eye out for the UPS man,boys!! Some of you have asked about Ashley's blog-you can find her at { m-& }, without the brackets,of course!! The latest news was the boys first parade!!

My girlfriends came over Monday & we made some great cards.I've still got my whole mess out,hoping to make a few more for some upcoming events. Here's a few cheerful one's!
Managed to complete the octagon table topper!! Yay!!! I really like the shape.Don't you think this would make a great Christmas topper with perhaps the star one fabric instead of two? I've got new Christmas fabric from Quilt taffy that is giving me the equivalent of "visions of dancing sugarplums" translated into sewing projects!!

Little sweetheart was over for a BIG DAY at Grammy's house. Sum was away doing some Army related things. My, she is BUSY!!! We went for a walk, sang songs, played with toys, read books, had lunch & dinner & bottles & diaper changes, a bath......& a whole lot more!! God bless those sweet Mom's.......Summer & Ashley.....& pray they get sleep & have LOTS of energy!!!

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