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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today was the day of our "Big Blizzard"... 4 inches is about all we got here. It is beautiful. I did a little shoveling (yes, being very careful!), just so I could be out in it. There is such a quiet hush upon the world when it is blanketed in white. And the stillness seeps into my soul . . .do you ever feel as though you could raise your hand & feel God reach for you? Do you ever listen to a melody that seems to play the chords of beauty hid in your heart & feel like God is calling to you? The everyday beauty of everyday things speaks to me...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill..I thought I'd check and see if you blogged that you were feeling better? I hope your back is much better. We are getting more snow today. I posted the ice cicles on the back of our house. Our precious Jake dog is not with us any more. Just got home a little bit ago and I'm wiped. I've taken hand and foot care of Jake for weeks, and I feel drained to say the least. Emotionally and physically. Hope you are better! Bad backs are no fun. In Christ's love and prayers, Cathy