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Thursday, February 4, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Two of my favorite things- recipes & fabric!! I joined an on-line quilt club at I received a free celebrate Chocolate Cake Day recipe sheet with 3 different chocolate cakes & a square of a very cute novelty fabric of cupcakes. You can guess where the next recipe I'm trying will be from!
It's called "The Bobby Sox Sisters'. There were 2 categories to choose your fabric from- 30's or 19th century prints. Of course, I chose the 1930's prints. It's very reasonably priced with the postage included & you receive one package a month.

Along with the fabric & pattern to make the block, you receive a fun little newsletter. Fun facts from the 1940's, recipes & a redwork pattern are part of the newsletter. They featured a redwork pattern of a Sunbeam MixMaster. I happen to own a Sunbeam MixMaster mixer. I believe both my Mom & Dad bought their Mom's one of these mixers, a sweet tie to the past!

Here's my first block finished! What do you think??

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