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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I love... this super sweet wallhanding I did. valentines is past but I'm still keeping this up on the wall. It has sparkly little sequins that don't show up very well in this pic-but we all know every gal needs some glitter in her life, here's mine!
Had company for dinner last night.....Happy,happy Grammy &" Baba". She is at such a cute stage, adding words to her vocabulary, making discoveries, doing adorable things.


A change that's been overdue. I've been meaning to get these cutains out of the front room for some time.

Ta Dah!! The white curtains I've been envisioning!! Really brightens it up!
One of my Valentines projects-coasters for when we have our coffee/tea with our sweeties.I love the fun fabrics & initals!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill...I would leave the wall hanging up...LOVE IS FOR ALL YEAR ROUND! ♥♥♥

Your precious granddaughter sure is blessed with proud grandparents. I always feel that we can give something to our grandbabies to help them grow up with extra love and confidence in who they are in the world. Good pictures!

I also like your coasters! Good fabrics. Did you back they with anything special..or just use batting?

Erin Kiser said...

I LOVE the coasters! Beautiful! You are SO creative!