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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolution

I resolve to not over imagine all the things I'm going to get done. I will try to have one,yes that is-1 just ONE weekly goal besides all the everyday stuff to get done. I admire those women who write books on organizing your life. The one's who have a goal for every area of their life & go to a resort hotel with their hubby to plan it.
Don't you think if you had matching luggage to fly to Hawaii & sit on your private balcony with sultry, balmy breezes you, too, could have goals for every area of your life?!!! C'mon,let's break out the Coppertone & drink some long tall iced tea while being completely away from the laundry piling up, the baby needing to be fed,the dog let out & the two year old's demands.... would not life seem completely manageable????
Just you and a fresh white page & a January suntan....oh yeah, totally doable!
Enter-Real life: Go to the grocery store. Search purse for list. Search seat & floor. Try to think.
What is the grocery list wrote on? & where oh where did you leave it-it's not with you at the store that's for sure.... Attainable New Year Goal- Write list in small notebook, no loose sheets of paper to lose to get lost.
Happy New Year's!!!!

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