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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My pretty Bee Balm, in purple, is blooming joyfully in my little back garden.
Another block finished in my quilt club. I really like this one.

The curtains-with ric-rac-hanging on the window. Another step towards finished.
Below-I brought a pie over to share with friends & was blessed with this bounty, to take home!
Last night, I made a "Strawberry & Cream Tart". I pre-baked a pie shell,let it cool. I then whipped cream & set aside. After that, I beat softened cream cheese, sugar, and almond
extract together (& taste-it is soooo yummy!) & mixed in the whipped cream. ( Taste again, your tongue will thank-you & your teeth will smile) Smooth that delicious cloud into the cooled pie shell. (Shhh! Don't offer your hubby the spatula, quietly, lick till your hearts content )Slice washed strawberries (you should also eat one or two of these, you know, checking for sweetness.) in half & arrange them on top of the cream mixture. Melt chocolate chips( These are also mighty dandy to pop a few down the hatch.) with a little shortening & drizzle over the top. Chill for thirty minutes..... call friends to help you eat this, if all the ingredients were that good, you will have no will power once it is finished !! To find this recipe go to
Can you guess what lunch was? Fresh, tender lettuce, a sliced kirby cuke, diced ham & salsa. I added a sliced cheese stick, light Ranch dressing & some crumbled Ranch Dorito's chips. So very good-will that count as healthy ?!!
Because I just pulled a Chocolate-orange zucchini cake from the oven, Made with that nice zucchini-Thanks, Erin & Brenda!!!

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Erin Kiser said...

Lunch looks much better than mine did!!!! it was nice to see you last night! I'll see you on Friday for coffee :)