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Saturday, August 28, 2010


One of the fun things I like to do is visit their different Grocery Stores! The Commissary is the Grocery Store on the Base. It was a great store, I visited it quite alot!

To make Trav's favorite Sausage Roll, I needed to make a pizza dough. I had never heard of or seen this here. I would only use this for pizza dough now, after having discovered this. There is no rise time involved, you can make it, knead it,roll it. It's good to go! No stretching back on you. This would be a newly discovered favorite!

German Chocolate Cake before frosting.
My excellent game partner, here, enjoying a hand of Uno.

Travis is working on this!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill...I was thinking about you, and thought I'd look you up. I was off the blogging world and then changed my blog from Cathy's Scrap Creations to Sunbonnet Sue Quilts. I see you haven't been on for a while either. Maybe your doing what I did, and reevaluated blogging. But I decided that the friendships I make on here are worth it. You were one of my first friends. Remember when I made my Valentine banner? It still is hanging in my living room. LOL It was suppose to be fore valentines, but it brightens up the room so much I left it. Well...hope you are doing well. Keep in touch! Cathy