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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

How do you celebrate birthdays at your house?? Are you a party girl? Always ready to call a bevy of friends & family to gather around an abundance of food? Are you the quiet one? Let it slip by without too much notice? Or the intimate party girl ? A spouse, a good friend & you are perfectly content? I must be a rotating, intimate, quiet, party, party girl!
I may be an intimate party girl by default. Our children are nearly clear across the country, so my very most favorite party people cannot be here. I miss them. My extended family is spread out in NY, PA, & VA-I'd be really surprised if any of them dropped in!!! Soooo.... how to party??!

Thank God for the friends He has blessed us with! My family-away-from-family!!! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart from All Your Family, far & near!

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Marlene said...

Just went wireless and I'm in the dining room catching up on your blogs from July. Very enjoyable. Love, Mom