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Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Baaaacckk!!

Laura Ingalls Wilder made pioneer living well known from her series of "Little House" books. "Little House on the Prairie" takes place in DeSmet, South Dakota & gives a vivid picture of what it took for pioneers to settle the land.
In 1861, North Dakota was then called the "Dakota Territory", its' vast territory named after the Indian tribe that lived there, the Dakota's.
Today, ND, still remains a land like no other. Huge expanses of land stretch forth in every direction. It is Springtime in ND & farmers with massive tractors are starting to plant the acres & acres of crops that grow in abundance there.
Dan & I got to do a little exploring on the prairie land while visiting our family! We rented a red Dodge Charger to chase around in.

I had three things I really wanted to get a look at. One was some of the abandoned buildings that dot the landscape. I think you can see the emptiness around this building. It boggles the mind to think of where & how, children came to these schools to get an education.
I was intrigued by the honeycomb growing from the facia of the schoolhouse.

I'm not sure of the era of this school, but you can see the"latest" at the "Girl's Room". The "Boy's Room" featured the same!
It appears that it was in use for some time, notice the electrical outlet.
Two big, sweet reasons to draw us to North Dakota!!
A happy visit with the little one's!! Stay posted for more from our visit!!!


Erin Kiser said...

wow... that school house is amazing! Glad to see you're blogging world!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill...glad your back! Interesting how you tied Wilder in with that old school house. It was sure a simple life then. Can you image kids today going to a one room school house. My mom went to one for elementary school in WVa. I also have been not blogging much because my mom passed April 27th and all that entailed and also emptying her apartment. Then our entire family got some terrible virus afterward. Today is the first day I'm feeling like myself. Glad your back also! Have a nice cup of coffee and blog often...and sew! :) Oh, and your grandsons are so beautiful! Yes...and handsome! :) Those eyes are gorgeous!