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Sunday, May 16, 2010

ND visit

You are never to old to look like a penguin!! Ashley took this pic of us on Mother's Day at the zoo in Minot.
Me & my sweetie at the restaurant on Mother's Day.

I still feel like the best kept secret of America is the many,many oil wells of North Dakota.

Mother's Day with our ND family.

Dan & I were privileged to look at a couple houses the kids are looking at. They chose not to buy the house they are currently renting because of the amount of work it needs. Better to find that out before purchase, isn't it?
I loved this place! It also has a great fenced in backyard that would be just perfect for two little boys.The rooms are large & there is a fireplace in the living room & a sunroom off the living room. I begged Dan to buy it for me!!!
I could well imagine having my family over if Dan & I lived there...there's that sticky little problem of a livelihood...hmm. I'm ready to move when you get a job, babe!!! Sunday dinner at Grammy's-here we come!!!! At least in my very Grammy dreams!
Hey, Ash, could you check those want ads??!
How cute is that?!

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