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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's terrible that here it is,nearly 2 months & not a peck at the keys.
What has been going on in my life?
Well, as many visits as we could manage before lil' Miss A & family move to Texas. We managed to get to Fort Drum a few times & they stopped down here a few times. Easter weekend was delightful with Ariana really understanding what an egg hunt is all about! Then, a week stay here before moving onto visit Nathan's family in Fl. Monday, they will be moving on to Texas!
I am really enjoying doing a ladies Bible Study group on Wednesday.
I have changed my Fibromyalgia medication & have felt more sluggish but have lots less surface pain. This is such a praise! I have to confess I feel like I haven't been on top of things around the house.
Dan & I have been enjoying the company April brought as well as looking forward to seeing Ashley & her family in May.
All is well with our extended family,hope it is with your's also!

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