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Monday, March 8, 2010

See this trio of snow stomping,cold stopping footgear?? It was time to bid them farewell, at least, I hope, till next winter. We have had some sunny days here & temps up in the 40's. It feels like Spring! The frigid temperatures should be past.The snow should be melting into a soggy good-bye. Good Riddance Winter & Hello Springtime!
Polka dots again!! A dress for Ariana. The pattern said 1 3/8 yd. I found this in the sale area for 4.00 a yard. I bought one yard. I was able to cut the dress out of one yard... so, what's up with the extra 3/8 yard??? I'm glad I only got 1 yard.

My Block of the Month done. I am loving it!!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Block of the month is lovely. Half square triangles rule!

Marlene said...

love the block and the dots, mom

Anonymous said...

Jill...your block of the month is so perfect!!! Wow!
I think your granddaughter is sure blessed to have you sew for her. I only made something for my first granddaughter when she was born. Nothing since then. They always get so many hand=me=downs that I felt it would get lost in the other clothes. But I think that is such a wonderful thing to do for her! I've also noticed that if I place the pattern pieces the way I can fit them in, I take up less fabric then they recommend. Maybe there was extra for extra length if added or for plaids. Can't go wrong with dots! So fresh looking!
Hey, are you getting all the rain we are getting. Our back yard is a swamp. The streets are running with water! Not as bad as the East coast is getting it though.
Hope your back is all well now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill...I hope you are okay!? Haven't heard from you for a while and I see your blog hasn't been updated for a while. Happy Resurrection Day and hope you are happily sewing!

Anonymous said...

It is pesty me again! Just wondering if your taking a blog break or feeling bad or something? Just miss seeing you around. God bless you!

Carol said...

Your grandsons are so precious. So glad that you were able to go to ND and see them, and of course Ashley and Miles. God has really blessed you richly!