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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lil" Miss A is out in Dakota territory visiting her little cousins & Aunt Ashley & Uncle Miles. The word is-She likes to share. She shares food, clothing,toys,shoes. Not with the boys. Oh no. She likes to share with" BUBBA"; the dog!!!

Cookbooks. I have a weakness for them. I love to peruse them.Read every little comment the author/cook makes. Pick out recipes I'll make this week. Make lists of what I need to buy. It is one form of relaxation for me I can't resist.
I also can't seem to cook/bake enough lately. Is it the new kitchen ? Is it the cooler weather that invites me to have soups simmering on the stove? Desserts in the oven? Sauce in the crockpot?Is it some kind of pschyo therapy with having NO FAMILY in the area?? I don't know but the house sure smells good & there's plenty to eat!
In between times I was able to read this loaner from Sum. Intriguing. That's all I'll say.
Always. always, reading something to edify. I get to co-lead a Ladies Bible Study-"Finding
Fulfillment". I love my Bible Study group. We laugh with one another,we cry with one another. We encourage, we challenge. we pray for each other. I feel so privileged that I'm part of that.
Books-I Love 'em. Guess I always will! Hope you've got your hands on a good one!!

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