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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Someon'e birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!
My Dad has done alot of things.He started working when he was very young,as a golf caddy. His Dad bought a Sunoco gas station & he worked as a car mechanic for a long time.When the gas station closed(they sold it,it's actually still a working garage!),my Dad got into Niagara Mohawk Power Co.,after a stint of meter reading,he got into the garage there & became a foreman of the branch in Rome.
My Mom & Dad had 4 children they raised during those years. Dad always worked hard at home as well. Together they completely renovated the old homestead into a showplace! Dad cared for a 2 acre "lawn". He was & is a fabulous landscaper/gardener. We raised much of our food on the farm-a large raspberry patch; a pear & plum orchard,a large vegetable garden.At one time we had a 20 acre apple orchard & ran an apple "stand". He raised beef cows & pigs,he got my sister Debbie some milk goats!!!
Mom & Dad went to alot of antique auctions & ran an antique business. Dad hunted for deer & always got one every year I can remember.For a time,he & my brother Brian went coonhunting with our Bluetick coon hounds. He managed the woodlots with care & cut a zillion cords of wood to keep us warm.
It seems no matter what he put his hand to, he made it better. He always gives his 100% best to everything he's ever done. He found pleasure in the work he did, especially at home. I can't cover all the myriad of things Dad has done-there are so many more!!
Today, Dad keeps Mom on the road travelling together,visiting family,keeping the most important ties of love intact.He & Mom have a backyard that's a showplace with landscaping & gardening & a few fresh vegetable plants,too. He is compiling a scrapbook of generations of our family.His genealogy quest helped Mom trace her birth family. He's turned into quite the cook & bargain shopper. He always makes special breakfasts when we visit!!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Aw, how sweet. Dads are the best. Happy birthday to yours.