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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beautiful Autumn

It just doesn't get better than this,does it??!! Such a beautiful world with the Autumn colors & temperate weather.... can't help but thank the Lord for these beautiful days. With the sun shining I've been bitten hard by the cleaning bug! Or else Ashley's nesting has transferred to me!!! I've been deriving alot of pleasure from waxing floors till they gleam in the sunlight; polishing windows to a sparkling clean; shampooing carpets.....& moving furniture around. I guess I needed to effect a change in my surroundings with the prospect of more time inside with cooler weather coming.
Change. It's part of life, some changes I embrace, others my feet want to dig in & resist. Changing my environment stimulates me, it taps into the creative gifts God has granted me. It flows with the rhythms of nature. Change in my life doesn't always follow the path of least resistance.Sometimes the changes are as alarming & unpredictable as a flash flood & events seem rather catastrophic. We had an unexpected flood here awhile ago, the devastation that took moments to occur, has taken years to recover.......
God's lessons, to me, abound in my every day life. The event of the flood allows me to see that some things can be violently,unexpectedly changed in my life,but after the storm has passed,rebuilding begins.Something different arises from the ruins,something fresh & new.Much of life has that pattern-the egg must be broken for the usable good to be released,to be shared , to nourish. The seed planted in the cold ground dies to what it is, to bring something completely different to life. And, so I believe God does with the changes that occur in my life. A glorious exchange takes place,He ,the divine alchemist, takes the old & places new things in my life-things to be released to others that benefit them.Things that ultimately benefit me too. Events that allow us a glimpse of His ways with us & cause us to offer our hearts & lives anew.
Hoping for you today, my friends, that your hearts can see beyond the "ruin" that may be in your life, with a vision of future rebuilding & growth to come. God bless your day,loved one's!!!!

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