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Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Blog, I had given up on you, sure I would never be inspired again. At the freshly turned age of 50 I am hoping inspiration will return. Some of the things I'd like to write about are deep, some dark &/or painful. Does the spilling forth of pain help to release it? At times, I think so. At other times, I hope so.
Right now, I'm dealing with alot of pain. My back is out, the muscles bulging & knotted, leaving me incapable of moving. I've been through this too many times already for my liking. I would like a healthy, capable body, strong & readily able to fulfill my wishes. I'd like to be pain-free, to move freely like I did long ago.
I revelled in physical activity as a young girl. It felt good to move. I remember the sensation of relishing the strength & grace I felt in my moves. It was as nothing to go to school, waitress & go dancing. Riding a bike,walking miles in a day didn't phase me.
In my thirties, my body became sabotaged with pain. Strange things were going on that I had no idea how to control, resolve or live with.

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