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Friday, June 3, 2011

On my little Homestead

Strawberry-Rhubarb jam, the quintessential Spring time flavor. My Mom used to make this jam for us when we were kids. We had a large row of rhubarb plants on our side lawn. There was enough to supply My Grandma's household, as well as our family of six. All the rhubarb you could want. Rhubarb sauce, sweet- tart bubbling on the stove, served in my Grandma's black square bowls. Mom's strawberry- rhubarb pie with a flaky crust melting in your mouth. Plenty of jam & plenty of rhubarb for the freezer.
I've never grown my own rhubarb though I've gardened plenty & grown unusuals like currant bushes & gooseberry, but no rhubarb. I tried it once, down here, but I bought the root too early & they were mostly dead by the time I could get them in the ground. (I think I might have put them in upside down also!) Maybe next year it's time to try again!
In the meantime, I get rhubarb from Bainbridge's very own Frog Pond. We had pie for dessert tonight. My jam is all made & there is even some rhubarb in my freezer. Some things are timeless!
Fresh chives & parsley & the tiniest new onion from the garden.

The first lettuce of the Spring.

Got to do some gardening today.

What's growing in my garden? Lemon balm, Peppermint, bee balm, dianthus,Parsley, Chives, Lavender, alyssum, Sedum, Oregano, Butterfly Bush, Stella D'oro daylily, Coral Bells, Chamomile, snapdragons,sunflowers & a persistent Comfrey,Lamb's Ear & Liatris are in this small garden.

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