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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well, let's see,what's life like with two sweet as sugar baby boys?? Busy,yep.definitely busy. Dan & I have each had a baby in our arms & joke "Who knew we'd "have twins" at our age?"!!! They are precious!! Gavin was smiling' at his Mommy this morning & a grinning & talking to his Grandpa this evening! We simply melt with all this baby love going on!!
In the midst of Babyland,we are trying to fit in Christmas.There will be no cards this year & little else!!! I'm late for my usual schedule of doing things.Christmas shopping,wrapping,decorating....really, it's going to be a simple season.I got some wrapping done yesterday...I stayed up til' 2 AM. Evening was the only time I had to get stuff done!!! And, I loved it!! I'm having so much fun wrapping presents for my loved one's.Maybe I can post a pic soon! I still have shopping to do,haven't got Trav's pkg. mailed,but it'll all come together.
Dear Dan put up the tree today,maybe lights tomorrow!!! Ashley & I ran errands & Christmas shopped. While we were out,we met up with Summer,so another impromptu "girl party" commenced!!
My friend, Kathleen brought a delicious meal over for us,with dessert!! It was so nice not to have to even think about supper!!!
Thank- you, Lord for the friends & family who bless & brighten my day. Open my eyes to see ways to bless those around me, too!

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