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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey- its Summer, hacking in to update Mom's blog for all her fans out there who have been anxiously awaiting more baby pictures! Mom's having a great time down in Florida with Ashley and absolutely loves those little boys...It's hard to believe they are already a month old. Time flies so quickly and goodness knows they're busy down there! The time frame for everyone coming up here looks like it might be bumped up a little, so now they are getting busy with packing the house up and making traveling plans.We're not sure but they MIGHT all be here for Thanksgiving. I am super excited with that news! I can't wait for everyone to be here and to meet those twins! I saved the twins pictures off of Ashley's myspace page- that's why they are small...I have no clue if I am able to make them bigger but at least its something for you all to see. The black and white ones are ones she had done by the same girl who did her pregnancy pics- I can't wait to see the rest of the ones they had done!
I added in some pics of Ariana and I! She's getting so big and is now three months old. She is now rolling over and full of smiles and wonderful baby noises. She has discovered her voice and really likes the sound of it so she can get pretty noisy when she's awake and we all love it. She has just started to laugh as well. Grandpa Dan has been spending alot of time over here with us since Mom is gone and Ariana loves to talk to him and show off all her new moves...rolling over, kicking like crazy and just being incredibly wiggly...
Well, I hope you all enjoy these! I need to run and get things done while the baby is sleeping!
All our love, Summer and Ariana


Lissa_momx4 said...

Hello Girls! I check this site often and I cant get enough of the pictures! I have started to print them and hang them around my office and at home. Not yet a "shrine" but close! Ariana is so beutiful and looks so much like her mother! Keep us posted on the Kyser's arrival. We will definately be up to visit! Love you all!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Those pictures are amazing. What blessings they are.